If you are considering working with John you have chosen wisely.  I could not recommend him more highly.  John Koopman, with his combination of equestrian skills, media experience and vast historical knowledge is, in my opinion, the absolute best living historian portraying Washington in our nation today

 John Koopman is absolutely the best looking Washington there is.”  – Rob Child, Producer / Director

Rob Child – Message to the Troops

America’s First D-Day: Washington’s Crossing Signature photo of the documentary.

“General Washington’s Birthday Celebration is a three day annual event held on President’s Weekend.  Mr. Koopman’s appearance as George Washington on President’s Day 2007 added a palpable excitement to the afternoon.  He captivated the crowd around him as he stayed in character while he talked about the work to be done at Headquarters, Newburgh.  His presence had the desired effect of bringing history to life.”

“The 225th Anniversary of the arrival of General Washington in Newburgh, 1782 was celebrated April 29, 2007.  George Washington was mounted for this event and surrounded by his guard.  Many people in the crowd told me how they had goose bumps seeing him: They felt like it was 1782 and that they were welcoming the real George Washington to Newburgh.  Mr. Koopman had done his homework and his presentation reflects it.”  

– Kathleen Mitchell

Acting Site Manager
Washington’s Headquarters, Newburgh, NY


Minute Man National Historical Park event:

“The focal point of the event was the arrival of General Washington into the American Camp and his taking command of the army.  Mr. Koopman’s masterful portrayal of the General, in terms of physical appearance, deportment, and powers of speech, brought a chill to many a spine and a ear to many eyes.  In addition, his knowledge of the character and period added greatly to the believability of his impression.

I myself, long accustomed to quality period impressions, was particularly struck by the power and authenticity of Mr. Koopman’s portrayal of General Washington.  Authentic 18th century impressions are difficult with any character, but these difficulties are significantly magnified with such a well known figure as George Washington.  Mr. Koopman pulled it of beautifully.  I would not hesitate to work with him again, and I highly recommend him as a valuable educational resource!”   

– Jim Hollister

Park Ranger/Education Coordinator
Minute Man National Historical Park