Private Stroup

The Story Behind the Character Private Stroup in the Book

Stroup is a fictitious character, but I included him in the story as a salute to the modern military and to acknowledge a friend, a fellow re-enactor, whose name is Stroup. All of his four sons are on active duty in the U.S. armed services. The birth of the U.S. Army is traced to 1775. There is an unbroken link from that year to the lineage of today’s U.S. Army. In using the name Stroup, I am alluding to that connection. I also want to honor my friend. It is unusual for a father to have his entire progeny on active duty. It is a great sacrifice. I did not give my character Stroup a first name in the book because he is meant to represent the four sons. The name also fit well with the scenario because it is German. The character Stroup was able to speak German fluently to the Hessians. Many German Americans fought in the Continental Army.

Dan Stroup

Dan Stroup’s 4 Son’s