President George Washington Speaks on the Constitution


A 45 minute lecture followed by a question and answer period. George Washington had a unique perspective on the founding of our nation: the father of our country, soldier statesman, first in war, first in peace.

Several topics will be covered during the talk:

  • What caused the colonists to found a new country?
  • Why the Revolution drove Washington to the Constitutional Convention.
  • Commentary on the Constitution and its aftermath.
  • Tests to the new nation – Shay’s & the Whiskey Rebellion.
  • War averted – tensions with France.

The presentation will be in the first person, with the President wearing a replica of the suit worn during the first inauguration.  It was made by the same historical tailor used for the displays at Mount Vernon, and for a new exhibit touring the country.

“John Koopman portrayed George Washington serving as our nation’s first president as part of our college’s celebration of Constitution Day. John did a commendable job in researching this period of Washington’s life and sharing it with the audience. He also truly looked the part in period costume and manners.”

Timothy Rivard, MassBay Community College

Director of Learning Services